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Shhhhhh, it’s sleeping


Day 2. It snowed today. WTF? I thought spring had finally come to Minnesota. Apparently not. My poor sick Bitty it sleeping so I thought I would try this blog thing again. Today I finished up my squares for the CAL I am doing. A CAL is a crochet along, for those who don’t know.

Here they are. I found the CAL on http://www.knotyournanascrochet.com. I have no idea of that will create a link or not. The idea is to make 99 8″ squares that will equal a queen size afghan when completed. She is posting 3 granny square patterns a week. I’m not sure why the picture cut off the end ones. I blame my phone. Anyway  as some of you might know, I LOVE granny squares. I will make almost anything with granny squares, or granny circles. I love crochet in general and I have way too much yarn. I also knit, but right now I’m on a crochet kick. Part of the reason for this is that I can crochet much faster than I knit. I will post some more pics of other things I’ve made later, as I’m sure anyone who bothers to read this will be dying to see my creations.

I love the idea of making an afghan. This is the third one I am currently working on. Two of them I an doing through the best yarn shop in the world, What in Yarnation in Cannon Falls http://www.yarnation.com. One of these is knit and the other is crochet. I need a knit or crochet along in order to stay motivated. I am, however, two blocks behind on my knit one. The good thing is that we meet every month forever so it might just take me 18 months instead of 12! I am a block ahead on the crochet one though, go figure! I did mention that I crochet faster than I knit. Did you know that 1 row of double crochet equals 4 rows of knit? And that crochet takes 1/3 more yarn than knit?

Well, I’m going to see if I can get anything else done while the little one sleeps.