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If I’m dead in the morning


As if our lives weren’t crazy enough right now, I went and got a dog today. We’ve been planning on getting a dog, but since our apartment still isn’t done (we’re still living with family) and money is perpetually tight, I figured it would be after the 1st of the year. THEN I looked on Craigslist. He was cute and the price was right. Now I have an 18 month old German Shepherd mix. He was advertised as an Aussie mix but he has the body of a German Shepherd. After I saw him I HAD to take him. The couple’s son was allergic and the dog had spent 2 months at some friend’s house and he was a mess. He is literally skin and bones, and hair, they had bathed him twice and he’s still dirty. He was also horribly matted. My brother and I took almost an hour to get the mats from behind his ears, they were almost matted down, poor guy. Somehow in the emergency grooming session my brother thought I called him “Argo” and it stuck. It was pretty clear the couple were unhappy with his condition and were also anxious to find him a good home. They got him back from their friend yesterday. 

Oh yeah, if I’m dead in the morning it’s because the boyfriend may kill me. Argo is having some separation anxiety, specifically if he is separated from ME. He was supposed to spend the night in his kennel in the basement with the older daughter. He wouldn’t stop crying so right now he’s hanging out with me while I wait for Bitty to wear herself out. At that point he will most likely end up sleeping in the room with us. 

So you’ll know who do blame if I never wake up!


On Toddlers


I actually wrote this a couple of weeks ago, prior to my near death experience with pneumonia.

There are few things as wonderful and amusing as a toddler. My daughter is 20 months old now and everyday she makes me smile. Today, she learned how to draw on the walls. She was very proud of herself.

Her dad told me “I know she’s my daughter because she licked dip off the sleeve of her shirt.” I almost died laughing!. I love the “I know she’s your daughter because…” game. She is so like her dad sometimes. She throws things when she’s mad, has his hot red-head temper. Her anger fades quickly, though, which is a blessing.

She started working on her first trip to the emergency room today. She climbed up on the arm of my sister’s couch, said “ready, set, go!” and jumped onto the couch. She almost fell a couple of times, once she belly-flopped. We’re just waiting fr the split head and stitches.

My niece is 3 and weighs the same as Bitty, she’s just taller. As a three year old, Anna believes the word revolves around her. She tends to get mad a Bitty often and take things away from her. My sister told me today how funny she thinks it is when Bitty attacks Anna “like a sumo wrestler”. She just uses her low center of gravity and stockiness to take Anna down.

We are also teacher her to do ‘ta-da’s. Getting her to throw her arms in the air and say’ ta-da’. Bitty has an older sister that wanted to be in gymnastics REALLY badly when she was little. It turns out that she really only wanted to do ‘ta-das.’ So she would go around the house going  ‘ta-da’!. In honor of this, we are teaching Bitty. Her pronunciation is a bit off, though , instead of ‘ta-DA’, it’s more like “TA-da”. Pretty cute, actually.


Nothing to do with mommyhood or craft


Sometimes i feel like i have a ot to say and Facebook just doesn’t seem like the place to say. Then i remembered that i had a blog! I don;t think anyone reads it, but that’s okay. It’s been quite a while since I posted. SO much for my conviction to write everyday.  Clearly lif has been busy, but on another note:

My niece came into the bedroom the the day with a CD. “I want to play this movie'”she said and pointed to the CD player. I glanced down and realized she had a Honeydogs CD in her hand. (I have a mind like a steel trap. It had been years since I’d seen that CD and I recognized it immediately, even though I couldn’t read it). I said okay and we put it in for some hopping on the bed music. I asked her where she had found it and she showed me. There was my thick, black, zip-up CD case from back in the day. She had unearthed a treasure from my past, and possibly proof of my bad taste.

The first CD I commented on on Facebook was one form the now defunct radio station 93.7 Edge. it was titled ‘The Best of 1996’. Now I feel old. This CD brings back memories of Edgefest. The original music festival at the Apple River. I went in 1997 with m y boyfriend and my future boyfriend. Yes, it was awkward, even then. I remember lounging on a blanket on a hill listening t the music. I also remember that the lead singer of Matchbox 20 (Rob Thomas) was high on ‘shrooms. I don’t remember how we knew this, but we took it as fact.

I threw the CD case in my car and decided to play CD roulette on the drive home the other night. I got the soundtrack to Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion. Pretty sure NO ONE remembers that movie. The soundtrack was quite pleasing, however. “Karma Chameleon” will always be one of my favorite songs. “Love would be easy of your colors were like my dreams, red gold and green, red gold and greeeeeen” Be glad you can’t hear me singing.

Now I am sitting an a graduate class I paid a lot of money for so I should probably pay attention.

On puppies and yarn


I currently live in a house with 5 Smooth Fox Terrier puppies. I came to my notice a couple of years ago that terriers like to kill wool yarn. 5 terrier puppies REALLY like to kill yarn. 400+ yards of superwash merino sock yarn wrapped from one end of the house to the other. I was not pleased. Usually I make sure that my yarn is put away before the puppies come out, but in the chaos of kids and toys and bedtime last night I couldn’t find it. Where ever it was, ( under the couch, I’m thinking) the puppies found it.

I try to remain calm about these sorts of things, but this project was kind of special. Whenever i travel I like to pick up yarn or some other project to remember the trip by. When I went to Seattle in early March I had bought that yarn. I fell in love with a crochet scarf at the Ben Franklin Crafts store I went in to. The pattern was a house pattern using a specific rainbow striped Mary Maxim sock yarn. I was really excited and I bought the yarn and got the pattern. When I got home I couldn’t find the pattern and I freaked out. I looked everywhere online but it was no where to be found. I remembered the basics of it (sc3, chain 7, skip 7, sc3)  but It wasn’t working out quite right. Eventually I found the pattern and scanned it into my computer in case i lost it again. I was on the third row of the pattern of the lengthwise scarf when the puppies hit.

My yarn shop doesn’t carry this particular yarn. Mary Maxim was out of the color. No one else online had that color.

Needless to say, I’m a little irked.

P.S. I did find one ball available through Amazon



Okay, one more thing. Where do all the boogers come from? Seriously  I have always wondered that, how big are a person’s sinuses? Can my child’s entire face be full of boogers?

I have discovered a wonderful thing called Boogie Wipes  If you’ve never used them, I suggest you try them. They are saline wipes for noses and they are great, especially when you need to clean off the crusty ones. They also keep Bitty’s nose from getting too raw from wiping.

Do not leave them where the child can get them though. Bitty pulled them out all over the living room and now I have a canister of dog hair covered boogie wipes.

Shhhhhh, it’s sleeping


Day 2. It snowed today. WTF? I thought spring had finally come to Minnesota. Apparently not. My poor sick Bitty it sleeping so I thought I would try this blog thing again. Today I finished up my squares for the CAL I am doing. A CAL is a crochet along, for those who don’t know.

Here they are. I found the CAL on I have no idea of that will create a link or not. The idea is to make 99 8″ squares that will equal a queen size afghan when completed. She is posting 3 granny square patterns a week. I’m not sure why the picture cut off the end ones. I blame my phone. Anyway  as some of you might know, I LOVE granny squares. I will make almost anything with granny squares, or granny circles. I love crochet in general and I have way too much yarn. I also knit, but right now I’m on a crochet kick. Part of the reason for this is that I can crochet much faster than I knit. I will post some more pics of other things I’ve made later, as I’m sure anyone who bothers to read this will be dying to see my creations.

I love the idea of making an afghan. This is the third one I am currently working on. Two of them I an doing through the best yarn shop in the world, What in Yarnation in Cannon Falls One of these is knit and the other is crochet. I need a knit or crochet along in order to stay motivated. I am, however, two blocks behind on my knit one. The good thing is that we meet every month forever so it might just take me 18 months instead of 12! I am a block ahead on the crochet one though, go figure! I did mention that I crochet faster than I knit. Did you know that 1 row of double crochet equals 4 rows of knit? And that crochet takes 1/3 more yarn than knit?

Well, I’m going to see if I can get anything else done while the little one sleeps.



In the beginning


I am sitting here with my sick daughter asleep on my lap and Baby Signing Time playing in the background  I am typing this with my left hand because Bitty is sleeping on my right.  In my sleep-deprived state I decided to start a blog.It’s not as if I don’t have other things to do, I have a list: finish job application, write article critique for stats, finish knitting scarf for work, work on a crochet project.

Bitty is 13 months old. She has a cold. She can’t sleep because she can’t breathe and starts coughing. I haven’t slept much the last three nights and it has definitely effected my cognitive processing. I’m not sure what the purpose of this blog is, it may end up being mostly late night ramblings.

I really have no idea what I am doing with this…