If I’m dead in the morning


As if our lives weren’t crazy enough right now, I went and got a dog today. We’ve been planning on getting a dog, but since our apartment still isn’t done (we’re still living with family) and money is perpetually tight, I figured it would be after the 1st of the year. THEN I looked on Craigslist. He was cute and the price was right. Now I have an 18 month old German Shepherd mix. He was advertised as an Aussie mix but he has the body of a German Shepherd. After I saw him I HAD to take him. The couple’s son was allergic and the dog had spent 2 months at some friend’s house and he was a mess. He is literally skin and bones, and hair, they had bathed him twice and he’s still dirty. He was also horribly matted. My brother and I took almost an hour to get the mats from behind his ears, they were almost matted down, poor guy. Somehow in the emergency grooming session my brother thought I called him “Argo” and it stuck. It was pretty clear the couple were unhappy with his condition and were also anxious to find him a good home. They got him back from their friend yesterday. 

Oh yeah, if I’m dead in the morning it’s because the boyfriend may kill me. Argo is having some separation anxiety, specifically if he is separated from ME. He was supposed to spend the night in his kennel in the basement with the older daughter. He wouldn’t stop crying so right now he’s hanging out with me while I wait for Bitty to wear herself out. At that point he will most likely end up sleeping in the room with us. 

So you’ll know who do blame if I never wake up!


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