On Toddlers


I actually wrote this a couple of weeks ago, prior to my near death experience with pneumonia.

There are few things as wonderful and amusing as a toddler. My daughter is 20 months old now and everyday she makes me smile. Today, she learned how to draw on the walls. She was very proud of herself.

Her dad told me “I know she’s my daughter because she licked dip off the sleeve of her shirt.” I almost died laughing!. I love the “I know she’s your daughter because…” game. She is so like her dad sometimes. She throws things when she’s mad, has his hot red-head temper. Her anger fades quickly, though, which is a blessing.

She started working on her first trip to the emergency room today. She climbed up on the arm of my sister’s couch, said “ready, set, go!” and jumped onto the couch. She almost fell a couple of times, once she belly-flopped. We’re just waiting fr the split head and stitches.

My niece is 3 and weighs the same as Bitty, she’s just taller. As a three year old, Anna believes the word revolves around her. She tends to get mad a Bitty often and take things away from her. My sister told me today how funny she thinks it is when Bitty attacks Anna “like a sumo wrestler”. She just uses her low center of gravity and stockiness to take Anna down.

We are also teacher her to do ‘ta-da’s. Getting her to throw her arms in the air and say’ ta-da’. Bitty has an older sister that wanted to be in gymnastics REALLY badly when she was little. It turns out that she really only wanted to do ‘ta-das.’ So she would go around the house going  ‘ta-da’!. In honor of this, we are teaching Bitty. Her pronunciation is a bit off, though , instead of ‘ta-DA’, it’s more like “TA-da”. Pretty cute, actually.



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