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Nothing to do with mommyhood or craft


Sometimes i feel like i have a ot to say and Facebook just doesn’t seem like the place to say. Then i remembered that i had a blog! I don;t think anyone reads it, but that’s okay. It’s been quite a while since I posted. SO much for my conviction to write everyday. ¬†Clearly lif has been busy, but on another note:

My niece came into the bedroom the the day with a CD. “I want to play this movie'”she said and pointed to the CD player. I glanced down and realized she had a Honeydogs CD in her hand. (I have a mind like a steel trap. It had been years since I’d seen that CD and I recognized it immediately, even though I couldn’t read it). I said okay and we put it in for some hopping on the bed music. I asked her where she had found it and she showed me. There was my thick, black, zip-up CD case from back in the day. She had unearthed a treasure from my past, and possibly proof of my bad taste.

The first CD I commented on on Facebook was one form the now defunct radio station 93.7 Edge. it was titled ‘The Best of 1996’. Now I feel old. This CD brings back memories of Edgefest. The original music festival at the Apple River. I went in 1997 with m y boyfriend and my future boyfriend. Yes, it was awkward, even then. I remember lounging on a blanket on a hill listening t the music. I also remember that the lead singer of Matchbox 20 (Rob Thomas) was high on ‘shrooms. I don’t remember how we knew this, but we took it as fact.

I threw the CD case in my car and decided to play CD roulette on the drive home the other night. I got the soundtrack to Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion. Pretty sure NO ONE remembers that movie. The soundtrack was quite pleasing, however. “Karma Chameleon” will always be one of my favorite songs. “Love would be easy of your colors were like my dreams, red gold and green, red gold and greeeeeen” Be glad you can’t hear me singing.

Now I am sitting an a graduate class I paid a lot of money for so I should probably pay attention.