On puppies and yarn


I currently live in a house with 5 Smooth Fox Terrier puppies. I came to my notice a couple of years ago that terriers like to kill wool yarn. 5 terrier puppies REALLY like to kill yarn. 400+ yards of superwash merino sock yarn wrapped from one end of the house to the other. I was not pleased. Usually I make sure that my yarn is put away before the puppies come out, but in the chaos of kids and toys and bedtime last night I couldn’t find it. Where ever it was, ( under the couch, I’m thinking) the puppies found it.

I try to remain calm about these sorts of things, but this project was kind of special. Whenever i travel I like to pick up yarn or some other project to remember the trip by. When I went to Seattle in early March I had bought that yarn. I fell in love with a crochet scarf at the Ben Franklin Crafts store I went in to. The pattern was a house pattern using a specific rainbow striped Mary Maxim sock yarn. I was really excited and I bought the yarn and got the pattern. When I got home I couldn’t find the pattern and I freaked out. I looked everywhere online but it was no where to be found. I remembered the basics of it (sc3, chain 7, skip 7, sc3)  but It wasn’t working out quite right. Eventually I found the pattern and scanned it into my computer in case i lost it again. I was on the third row of the pattern of the lengthwise scarf when the puppies hit.

My yarn shop doesn’t carry this particular yarn. Mary Maxim was out of the color. No one else online had that color.

Needless to say, I’m a little irked.

P.S. I did find one ball available through Amazon


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